Raids debuted a little under a week ago in Pokémon Go, and fans have already taken to collaboratively toppling massive monsters for items like Golden Razz Berries and TMs that change a Pokémon’s moveset (finally!). Although we’ve already mapped out what raid bosses players have found in-game, we still have very little information about whether Legendary Pokémon are on the way, aside from fairly concrete references to them showing up in the game’s code.

Fortunately for us, this hasn’t stopped the fan community from thinking about the optimal counters for Legendary Pokémon. If you’re curious about the best way to beat Articuno and Entei in Pokémon Go, look no further.

Pokémon Go raid boss list: Fan makes optimal counter list for legendary Pokémon



In a thread on the Silph Road, poster RyanoftheDay constructed two handy — and lovely-looking — charts indicating what each Gen 1 and 2 Legendary Pokémon’s counters would be with the movesets currently available.

RyanSwag (RyanoftheDay on Reddit) took the time to lay out what the optimal counters would be for the Gen 1 legendary Pokémon.

A lot of the matchups were a little surprising — Golem gets a lot of love because Rock Throw is one of the few rock-type quick moves in the game, and the Gen 2 matchups also had a great deal of variation in them as well:

Tyranitar unsurprisingly shows up in many of these matchups, but seeing more unusual Pokémon like Houndoom and Sudowoodo is heartening as well.

Source: RyanSwag/The Silph Road

For the most part, other Silph Road posters seemed to agree with RyanoftheDay’s assessments. For their part, RyanoftheDay was more than happy to answer questions about the list, indicating that overall it had been designed with damage per second, or DPS, as the primary considerationand survivability as the secondary focus. Another poster also remarked that many of these counters were currently serving as raid bosses themselves.

As always, the caveat applies that this is a speculative list and we still don’t know when or even if Legendary Pokémon are on the horizon. Maybe they’ll debut in time for the Chicago event, but until then, it never hurts to be prepared.

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